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The Tristate team helped me avoid foreclosure and put PEACE back in my life. When I did not know what to do they educated me and explained all my options and answered all of my questions. They guided me through the short sale process they were there whenever I needed them. I would recommend them to anyone that wants people that really care.

– Melanie, Northern California
Lane and Chris saved me from losing my home and solved my cash flow problem. Their experience and knowledge in real estate enabled me to stay in my home, raise my family, and even have extra money in the bank at the end of the month. Thank you, thank you everyone at Tristate.

– Ann, S. Sacramento, California
A few months back I was having lunch with a great friend and talking about our frustrating and stagnate situation with our mortgage. We liked our home; however, with the cuts to my husband’s salary and my client cut backs we were unable to do anything but pay a mortgage. We were stuck. We wanted a change but did not know how to start or who to confide in. Everyone has a story, and it was either really great or really bad, who has the best realtor, who was shady and who would have your best interests in mind? Tristate Properties was the answer.

Although we had repeatedly called our lenders for over a year, we were declined any help. We were good people, great credit, fantastic payment history, no debt. Our home and a student loan were our only means of debt. Tristate Properties changed all that, they stepped in negotiated with the bank and successfully sold our house through the short sale process. We did what we were asked in a timely manner, we followed directions, and we trusted them. And they came through. With flying colors. The team was always on our side, always answered our calls and our questions, Happily I might add!!

It was a stressful situation turned into a blessing. We now live in an area we wanted to be (our choice to leave the old house behind). We have more money to save and spend. We love the options that answering the call to trust someone who could help us. We are here in this position because of the Tristate team; we did not do it on our own. They did it. They deserve the credit – more credit than I can ever repay them for. Our family is happier and isn’t that what life is all about….

– Gina, Elk Grove, CA
We want to thank everyone at Tristate for making our land purchase in New York simple and easy. We felt confident with Lane and Chris negotiating on our behalf and handling the details of the transaction. Thanks again and we will see you in New York!

– Robert and Christen

“On behalf of the Real Estate Alliance group and my partners, I wanted to send this email to extend a heartfelt thank you. Our gratitude relates not only to the hard money loan you extended to us, but also to the advice and guidance you provided to us along the way. Your willingness to assist us prior to our entering into the contract to purchase, as well as your availability and responsiveness during the rehab project truly provided us with additional comfort and assurance. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with you. We will most definitely be in touch once we have identified our next rehab project. “
Bruce Garber, Real Estate Alliance Group, Wellington, FL

“This was a GREAT coaching call. There were so many valuable tips and suggestions offered to us, and it provided me with a different aspect on how to look at marketing. Initially, I was only concerned with how to market our houses for resale, but this call just emphasized how important it is to market for leads. If the phones aren’t ringing, then what are you doing? I have not really tried bandit signs on a consistent basis yet for fear of any repercussions from local enforcement, or just the onslaught of crazy calls that are sure to follow. HOWEVER, this call just reminded me of the many other ways in which to market for leads (ie. craigslist, cold calls, direct mail, etc.). On top of all of this, I feel a little more rejuvenated to get out there and do what it is we have been training to do. Thank you Chris Macri – keep up the good work, and I look forward to future coaching calls.”
David H. Charleston, West Virginia

“Chris was very helpful. Her experience as an agent and working with her husband was especially helpful to us.”
Terry R. Cape Coral, FL

“Coach Chris Macri , awesome job with this veteran student!”
Bob Lachance,  Fortune Builders, New Haven CT

“I needed a coaching session because even though I have 40 years experience buying and selling real estate I have been frozen with guilt and fear. I forgot that what I do , what we do is SERVE. Not everyone wants needs or appreciates our service. That is okay. What is the old adage? Some will. Some won’t. So what. Next! I feel so much better and I will make an offer on the house I am seeing today.”
Elaine C., Cedar Hill, TX

“Chris was prepared—on target—and encouraging—great ideas, thank you”
Kathleen H., LaQuinta, CA

“When I first met Fred, I proposed a strategy that would boost his passive income significantly, but he was hesitant to implement it. Little did Lane know, but he went through the exact strategy with Fred this past week that we proposed earlier, and Lane did such a great job at it, that Fred is now open to it and will be able to have even more passive income coming in. Lane, great job and way to deliver a great experience to the student. Brother you rock. “
Paul Shively, Fortune Builders, San Diego, CA

“Lane is straight forward, with good insight and good suggestions. He is sincere and helpful and always follows through with what he says he will do”
Betsy J., San Antonio, TX

“Chris was a great help. I had gotten somewhat lost in the video trainings and she reset my focus where it needs to be, implementation. And the best part is, she did it very positively so I don’t feel like a failure. I have renewed hope that I will master this.
Anne B., Poughkeepsie, NY

“Very good first coaching call. Information well presented. Quality content. Motivational!!!
Ken M., Greenbay, WI

“I really enjoy talking with Chris Macri. She is a wonderful person and gives good advice.”
Angelina B., Statesville, NC

“Lane is a great coach. Both times we have talked with him we have benefited from his experience and direct plan of action. He is easy to communicate with very personable. I would say he has the heart of a teacher and that is very important to us. Thank you for such a great educational program and network of support.”
Brent P., Wentworth, SD

“Lane is quite an asset to the coaching team. We found him to be very informative and he laid out a clear guideline for our marketing program. He was encouraging and we look forward to using him again in the future as a coach.”
Dale G., Jacksonville, FL

“The call was good! I liked the energy that Lane had when he was speaking to us. The material was good and he was very direct with what we needed to do for homework for the following week. We are excited to get going in this business.”
Gary P., San Antonio, TX

“I enjoyed my coaching call with Chris Macri. I appreciated the fact that she started the call by learning more about me, my overall progress in building my business, and valued my opinion about where I thought I needed the most help. It was clear that she was simply not just following a script and pushing out content on a ready-made agenda. Although our call did focus on my marketing plan, she offered examples using her own real-life experience. To me, that was very valuable. I continue to be impressed by the level of enthusiasm and commitment of the FB coaches and their willingness to help new students like me make real progress.”
Jason J., Pittsburg, PA

“Chris was extremely knowledgeable as well as being very warm and inviting. She immediately started the session off by establishing rapport and calming my partner’s and my nerves. She gave us meaningful homework and made great suggestions and easy to understand examples on how to get our business up and running. My only disappointment was that the session was not long enough. My partner and I feel very lucky to have her as a coach and look forward to working with her.”
Pamela H., San Diego, CA

“Chris Macri was very effective on presenting key elements that are necessary for the development of my real estate business.”
Allen C., Orange, NJ






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