How Much Should Homebuyers Stretch To Buy A Home?

Posted by Lane Schloeder // December 5, 2016

How far should homebuyers be stretching themselves to get into a property? While national statistics paint a picture of robust but sustainable growth, many local real estate markets are speeding out of the reach of many homebuyers and renters. In some areas like southwest Florida, many renters face a leap of over $500 dollars a […]

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How To Invest With Confidence

Posted by Lane Schloeder // November 28, 2016

How do you get started in the real estate industry when you are terrified of making mistakes? Real estate investing continues to separate itself from other careers. It has become synonymous with lucrative paydays for those who dedicate themselves to its craft. Yet, even with its potential, many continue to teeter on the fence, fearful […]

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Are The Holidays A Good Time To Buy Real Estate?

Posted by Lane Schloeder // November 21, 2016

Is the holiday season a smart time to buy real estate? It’s common knowledge that summer is the peak home buying season. The rest of the year can be a little cloudy for those new to the business, and regular homebuyers and sellers. Having said that, could now actually be the most amazing time of […]

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Do Renters Need Home Inspections Too?

Posted by Lane Schloeder // November 14, 2016

Should renters get home inspections before signing a lease? Home inspections are the norm for buyers of all types of properties, but they are virtually never heard of for renters. Is that a big mistake? Is asking for a home inspection before signing a lease just being a pain, or is it smart for more […]

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Can You Survive 30 Years Of Retirement?

Posted by Lane Schloeder // November 7, 2016

Are you and your finances in good enough shape to survive 30 years of retirement? We’re living longer than we used to. For most, this means many more years in retirement. What does that mean for personal finances? How can real estate help more individuals weather the decades ahead? Long Life, Short Finances In his […]

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Why Do Experienced Real Estate Investors Still Use Realtors?

Posted by Lane Schloeder // September 26, 2016

Why do even the most capable and experienced real estate investors still use agents? Some real estate investors start out in the industry trained to avoid working with Realtors in any way. Others simply see them as the competition and an unnecessary expense. So why is it that when you look at agent listings, public […]

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5 Tips To Help Ensure The Best Possible Tenants

Posted by Lane Schloeder // September 19, 2016

Good tenants are the backbone for any successful rental property. You can have the best property in a great location but if your tenants are poor it won’t make a difference. In many cases the better you are as a landlord the better your tenants will be. There are several little things that you can […]

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5 Ways To Improve Your Finances

Posted by Lane Schloeder // September 14, 2016

As a real estate investor you often are forced to wear many different hats. Perhaps the most important hat that you wear is that of CFO (chief financial officer) of your business. Without a good grasp of all funds coming in and going out you won’t get very far. In this day and age of […]

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Ask These Five “What if’s” With Your Rental Property

Posted by Lane Schloeder // August 28, 2016

Owning a rental property is one of the building blocks for long term wealth. If you run things right you can collect checks and build equity for as long as you own the property. As great as this scenario may be you also need to take time and consider the alternative. Regardless of your experience […]

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Posted by Lane Schloeder // July 31, 2016

5 Rules To Buying Great Properties Posted by Lane Schloeder July 30 homebuying To be a great real estate investor you need to follow rules. The rules you create will help guide you in everything you do. Without rules it is easy to jump at every new property that hits the market. Without a set […]

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